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Quality, Consistency, Sustainability

Being dedicated to anything these days is considered admirable in society. Very few companies can promote dedication, and yet, this is one of the most obvious values of AAA Plating and Inspection. It is a core value we extend to our customers, our employees, our industry, and our environment.

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, there is still that principle of challenging work! AAA Plating and Inspection, Inc. thrives on it. We offer our customers the distinct advantage of working with a company committed to quality, consistency, and sustainability. It’s the powerful backbone of our company.

Our process solutions include five types of Anodize, Cadmium Plate, Passivate, and Paint services. In addition, AAA Plating and Inspection offers NonDestructive Testing, Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) of Aluminum, and Vacuum Cadmium.

We are honored to be recipients of numerous industry awards and are active members of the Metal Finishing Association of Southern California and the National Association for Surface Finishing. Additionally, AAA Plating and Inspection is proud to be recognized for our environmental dedication within our community and remain dedicated to this effort today.