AAA Plating and Inspection began business in 1958. We employ a dedicated, skilled staff of 98 employees, working within 50,000 square feet of production space, the largest vacuum facility in the world.

Although we are most noted for serving the aerospace industry, we serve a variety of customers and partners throughout the country. We’re dedicated to long term relationships and to meeting the continuing challenges of our customers every day.

Our process solutions include five types of Anodize, Cadmium Plate, Passivate, and Paint services. In addition, AAA Plating and Inspection offers non-destructive testing, Ion Vapor Deposition of Aluminum, and Vacuum Cadmium.

As stewards over the environment, we have a serious responsibility to our future generations. We strictly follow local, state and federal regulations to protect our environment and keep our community in compliance with regulations. Our facilities are powered by a large onsite solar plant that efficiently generates electricity and eliminates discharge of industrial waste water into the sewer. Yes, we are dedicated to the environment and we proudly display our certifications for both AS 9100 and Nadcap Chemical Processing and Non Destructive Testing.